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Pipeline Public Awareness Survey

Welcome and Thank You for visiting the Online Survey site.

Please take a moment to answer a few short questions and give us your comments about our pipeline system located in your vicinity. Your answers and comments will be used to help us improve our community awareness and outreach efforts.

1. Prior to you receiving our safety brochure, were you aware that a pipeline was located in your vicinity?
2. Do you know how to recognize a pipeline accident, leak or release and how to respond to such an emergency event?
3. If you were to conduct any type of digging or excavation into the ground, what action should you take before digging?
4. If you see a pipeline accident or suspect a leak in a pipeline, who should you contact immediately?
5. Do you understand the purpose of the One Call system and when a call to 8-1-1 should be made?
6. Do you know the potential hazards of a pipeline accident, leak or release?
7. How would you obtain information on the location of a pipeline near your home or office location?
8. Would you like us to contact you?